Bird had combed back the mass of dark waves on his head. During training, he wore silly things like wraps and ties when it was longer.

The Orphan

When he first appeared before me, he was just one little orphan among thousands of street children. So much smaller, but not as hungry and without a look of desperation. You know that look, I’m sure.

Character: The Father

Although he was an elderly man of unknown age, he might have been described as elegantly attractive. However, a vital component of his face was missing: his left eye. An elaborate golden brass frame held a prosthetic ball that trembled like the yellow of a dropped egg.

Character: Birdy

His face was darker and younger, minus the exaggerated clown paint. Without the white foundation and blue kohl, his skin was the sepia shade of a photograph, like a good tan. Instead of white with a little blue heart, his lips were a rosy color that blended into his skin …

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